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Unlike exterior facades, interior painting can be done all year long.  There are several steps that must be taken before and during the painting process in order to achieve a satisfactory result.


Decision Making

Before we begin your project, we will provide a complete evaluation that will help determine which of our services will be necessary. The scope of our examination includes:

  • Visible Water damage on walls or ceiling
  • Cracks, holes, or other damage to your interior
  • Existing paint that is fading or peeling
  • Peeling wallpaper that you wish to remove and paint
  • You are tired of your current color scheme and want a fresh new look

Once any of these items are addressed, your next decision is paint color and the type of sheen you prefer. 

In choosing colors, while we are not interior designers, we can guide you in the right direction. 

Choosing the right sheen is also important, and it can sometimes be confusing trying to determine the best match of sheen to surface.  With various sheens such as:

  • High Gloss
  • Semi-Gloss
  • Satin
  • Eggshell
  • Matte
  • Flat

It sometimes takes an experienced professional to guide you to the best solution for your application. We understand how colors often look different in different lights, and what paints can fully hide colors beneath it with just one coat, or if a second coat will be needed. Our professionals are very knowledgeable in the latest offerings from each paint manufacturer and can help you choose the best formula when we match the sheen to the surface for your project.   We will explain how the best low-luster satin and eggshell paints offer easy hiding and durability, making them a good fit for most surfaces, while flat paints hide flaws better but are much less resistant to stains and smudges, yet semi-gloss works well for trim and surfaces that don't need to be wiped frequently.  There are so many different paints, because there are so many different applications.....let us help you choose the best possible paint for your particular application!



Surface preparation is the foundation of any paint job.  This is where we stand above the rest.  The following steps will ensure a professional result that will last for years, and nobody is as Flawless as us!

  • Prepare the room: we remove all fixtures, move furniture to the center of the room, cover all furniture and floors with drop cloths.
  • Prepare the surface: we patch any holes or cracks, sand and scuff any rough areas, caulk any gaps in baseboards and moldings, and wash walls with soap and water.


Our experts treat each room of your home like it is a room in our home.  Our paint application steps include:

  • Apply primer to any new drywall, bare wood, patched areas, or anywhere else we feel it necessary.
  • Neatly cut in straight lines between trim and ceiling using brushes.
  • Roll ceilings and walls using 9inch - 18inch rollers.
  • Paint trim with brushes and small finish rollers.
  • Touch up anything that needs to be fixed.
  • Perform a final walk-thru with you to ensure your satisfaction.



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