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The most challenging thing about exterior painting is dealing with the elements.  Ideal conditions are between 55-85 degrees Farenheit, sunny, and with low humidity.  We understand that ideal conditions cannot always be available, so when your schedule and the weather pose challenges, we are also experts at working with higher grade paints that allow us to paint in temps as low as 35 degrees. Once environmental conditions are set, we employ at least these steps in beautifying the exterior of your home or building"



  • We remove all shutters and downspouts.
  • We wash away any mildew with bleach and water.
  • We make minor repairs to shingles or trim boards if necessary.
  • We will powerwash any area that we plan on painting
  • We scrape and sand any loose or peeling paint
  • We caulk any gaps in the trim.



Our Flawless application of paint consists of:

  • Prime any bare wood or the entire structure if necessary.
  • Apply 1 - 2 coats of paint to all trim, shutters, and shingles/clapboard.
  • Perform a thorough inspection and touch-up.
  • Perform a complete walk-thru with you to address any issues or questions and ensure your total satisfaction.

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We provide exterior power washing, minor carpentry, and other surface preparation services. 

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